Company Profile

Mistral Komerc LLC is a Serbian agricultural company primarily focused on egg production.
It is distinguished by the quality of its products, the services it provides, a responsible attitude towards society and a full commitment from all its employees.


The aim of Mistral Komerc is to be among the top companies in egg production, to maintain the highest quality of products, to satisfy the needs of its consumers, to implement the latest technological innovations and to conduct safety-oriented production in accordance with the implemented standards.


Mistral Komerc LLC strives to achieve the highest possible level of success in each of its divisions.


The main objective of the Company being to ensure customer satisfaction and service quality at all times. This implies identifying and solving problematic systemic issues, intensifying contact with the market, considering objections and suggestions received and addressing them.

Control of production

Control of the production process, during all of its stages, is under constant expert supervision. All components received from suppliers are strictly controlled while packaging must be tested by an accredited laboratory.

Mistral Komerc LLC is capable of receiving, drying and storing about 12,000 metric tons of grain during a campaign, 6,000 metric tons in silos and 6,000 metric tons in underground storage.

At the moment, Mistral Komerc has the following production capacities

  • lines for soybean extrusion with a capacity of 30 metric tons per day.

  • lines for soybean oil filtration and the production of soybean meal, capacity of 25 metric tons per day.
  • facilities for young laying hens with a capacity of 66,000, per production cycle, fully automated.
  • facilities for the exploitation of laying hens with a capacity for 200,000 hens, per production cycle, fully automated.
  • cooling chambers for keeping and storing goods (eggs) with a surface area of 620 square meters.
  • Feed mixers for the production of concentrated animal feed, for all categories of animals, with a capacity of 120 metric tons per day.
  • Own transportation for bagged and bulk concentrate.

  • Transportation of table eggs from the facility to the sorting facility, 350m away.

  • New refrigerated dedicated vehicles for delivering goods (eggs) to the buyer.
  • Warehouse space for goods, packaging and bulk goods P = 4000m2, infrastructurally connected.
  • Sorting area P=400m2 connected to cooling chambers and the packaging warehouse, capacity of 40,000 eggs/hr.

Mistral Komerc's business idea is to improve the quality of life for the wider community with its activities and products. This is an important precondition for a successful business, as well as a prosperous and satisfied society within which Mistral Komerc operates.

For all of these reasons, Mistral Komerc strives to maintain high business standards allowing it to contribute to the improvement of society and the environment. Today, Mistral Komerc grows and develops together with new trends while remaining true to its core qualities.