Company history

  • Jasminko Ristović founded Mistral LLC as a trading company in Novi Sad. In 1997, Mistral Komerc LLC began operations, its main activity being the sale of table eggs mostly to Novi Sad's green markets.

  • The production of finished animal feed (concentrates) is started in a rented mixing facility in Susek near Beočin.

  • The Company is relocated to Temerin to a 10,000 ha complex, with a complete infrastructural network (mixing facility, 5 small silos, 3 facilities for broiler chicks with a capacity for 50,000 broilers, per production cycle, and 1 facility with a capacity of 15,600 pieces of laying hens, per production cycle, a facility for workers as well 2 unfinished breeding facilities for heifers and steers P = 2800m2), purchased from the company Termoelektro. This purchase allowed Mistral Komerc to continue operations with a much greater production capacity than it had at its disposal up until that moment.

  • Through the share capital increase process, MIMS Group from Sarajevo enters Mistral Komerc LLC as a new partner. With MIMS, Mistral Komerc experiences a rapid development, across all business and investment spheres, taking the Company into the group of medium-sized enterprises.

  • After the construction of two more animal fattening facilities, Mistral Komerc decided to shut down this production and completely concentrate on the production of table eggs, a process completed at the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011 (equipping of facilities and start of production).

  • A new change in ownership structure takes place when one of the two former owners, Bosna Auto from Sarajevo, sells its share to the company Bingo from Tuzla whereby this company becomes the new owner of a share in Mistral Komerc.

  • The current owners of Mistral Komerc LLC are Bingo from Tuzla and Jasminko Ristović.