Human resources

The ambitious, young and professional staff at Mistral Komerc, with the support of their more experienced colleagues, should show good results and be aware that progress cannot be achieved without the will to change. Speed in decision-making, clarity and expertise are a characteristic of the Mistral Komerc team, always ready for new challenges that await them in the future.

Mistral Komerc offers all employees the opportunity for professional development and the possibility of career advancement taking into account the education and skill of each employee.

Employees actively participate in decision making during all business activities, in accordance with the responsibilities and organizational structure to which they belong.

Mistral Komerc provides its employees with satisfaction in their work, motivation and the creation of a unique identity of the Company.

The employees are constantly committed to achieving the long-term success of the Company.

Occupational health and safety and a respect for human rights are some of the pillars of Mistral Komerc's policy, in particular this applies to respecting cultural and ethical differences between employees and the community in general. The basic principles that guide the Mistral Komerc team are transparency of business operations in accordance with statutory and other regulatory guidelines, ensuring sustainability of society and the immediate environment, as well as communication with all interested parties in order to better understand their needs.

Training of management in the field of management and employee motivation has long been in existence and it is the backbone of the new way we work and employee relations.

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