Quality and safety

Product safety and quality are the basis of our Company's success. From the very beginning up until the present, we have been committed to preserving the trust and interests of our consumers.

Experts control the receipt of raw materials from the fields, from the time of sowing up until harvesting. In turn, these raw materials comprise the largest part of the basis for animal feed production. In the Business Center: Manufacture of animal feed, with further control of other ingredients and using the proven recipes, we put out high quality animal feed used on our farms. In this manner we receive adequate nutrition for laying hens and a quality to the raw materials used during production.

A permanent strategic orientation of our Company is a top-quality product and complete customer satisfaction. Mistral Komerc implements this policy by exercising permanent systemic control over the hygienic and chemical safety of products. All Mistral Komerc products are subject to multistage and rigorous controls, at various points during the production process. In addition to internal laboratory analyzes, compliance and product quality are regularly verified by an accredited laboratory. Finished products are controlled and stored in accordance with their specificities.

Our employees are aware of the fact that product safety is our top priority so that we are able to preserve the health of people who consume our products daily. Our quality control staff is specially trained for this task which they fulfill conscientiously. We have ongoing educational activities for all members in the distribution chain so that the products reach the consumer unchanged in quality.

Ensuring additional security and quality measures are some of the basic goals we have set for the further development of our Company. As a prerequisite for future innovations, in the upcoming period we plan to modernize existing production facilities, invest in the expansion of production capacity with an upgrade and improvement to auxiliary facilities.

The HACCP system has been successfully implemented thus harmonizing the safety and quality of our products with European standards.